Advertising, an introduction: Why is it crucial and how do local businesses benefit?

It seems that local councils are between a rock and a hard place. Demand on services is increasing, but the real resource required in order to deliver these services and many more (money, to put it plainly) is dwindling.

Is the UK the most sophisticated ad blocking country in Europe?

Possibly. But not in the way you might think.

The battle for ad spend and why we need to spend our money smartly

There are many ways to spend a comms and marketing budget. Programmatic advertising channels are increasingly the way to precisely target audiences but it’s had some negative press of late. Are there risks associated with it? Maybe not nearly as many as you might think…

UK Digital Ad Spend Hits £10 billion

Settling an argument about who wrote All Along the Watchtower. Check. Sharing a photo of this dress you’re trying on to see if your partner likes it. Check. Avoiding the 3 hour snarl on the M1. Check. Finding how to say “hair-cut” in Lyon. Check. What do these things have in common?