CANalytics Column: Are council websites bouncy?

The bounce rate is one of the most commonly used metrics for analysing consumer behaviour on a website. In simple, though not entirely accurate, terms, it is defined as single-pageview visits to a website. In other words, a “bounce” is when someone comes to a website and leaves without further interaction. The “bounce rate” is the percentage of those single-pageview visits relative to all visits.


CANalytics Column: What is it about Wednesdays?

We have long known that there is a general usage trend on council websites – volume peaks in the beginning of the week and then tapers off into a trough on the weekend. The difference between the week and weekend is pronounced – council websites handle more than twice the volume on an average working day than they do on a weekend day.

This chart shows sessions (pages provide a similar view)…

CANalytics Column: Browser Wars – are councils keeping pace?

We were interested to see how accessing council sites differed from how people view the internet generally. What better way than to look at the browser?

From the early internet days when Microsoft targeted Netscape, the browser market has been a key battleground for one simple reason – controlling the screen has always been key to making money. The two biggest tech behemoths – Google and…

CANalytics Column: Do council websites actually serve their local communities?

Without doubt, but the geographic data from council websites paints a broader picture that may reflect just how mobile the UK has become. Or at least would force us to define more precisely what constitutes the “local community”.

Starting at country level, as you would expect, the vast majority of sessions – more than 95% - are initiated from the UK. But the breadth of countries accessing…

CANalytics Column - Are Councils playing the generation game with their websites?

The CANalytics column presents statistics gathered from across the partners of the Council Advertising Network.