Big Data Series – What if your car could only turn left?

For UPS, that wouldn’t be much of a problem. The parcel delivery company has had sensors on its vehicles for many years. Its data scientists noticed that drivers were losing time (and burning fuel) whenever they waited to turn right across traffic, so they began testing a left-hand only approach. The results were staggering. Even though average delivery distance went up, time and fuel consumption…

Big Data Series - The Data Economy

The Economist likens it to the new oil.

Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of Davos World Economic Forum, describes it as a fundamental component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, along with robotics and artificial intelligence.

No matter how one refers to it, there is no question that the availability, proliferation and use of data have already changed our everyday lives. Shopping,…

How do residents feel about ads on council websites?

In our first of this three-part blog (Is there Good Internet Advertising?), we presented results of independent research showing that different ad-display modes can either produce a strong negative reaction amongst users or can be entirely neutral to the user experience. Our second blog (Do…

Do Ads on Council Websites Affect the User Experience?

Councils are no strangers to advertising. Many have had print publications and most still have outdoor space and events that are sold to companies and agencies. It makes sense – making use of public assets to generate income is good for the council and the tax payer.

The council website should be no different. It’s an asset. It’s in high demand. And the Council Advertising Network has proven*…

Is There Good Internet Advertising?

In response to the increasing use of ad blockers, the big brands and agencies have invested in comprehensive research to determine if consumers have preferences for different ad placement types.

Is the UK the most sophisticated ad blocking country in Europe?

Possibly. But not in the way you might think.

UK Digital Ad Spend Hits £10 billion

Settling an argument about who wrote All Along the Watchtower. Check. Sharing a photo of this dress you’re trying on to see if your partner likes it. Check. Avoiding the 3 hour snarl on the M1. Check. Finding how to say “hair-cut” in Lyon. Check. What do these things have in common?