Budget? What Budget?

When you work in public sector communications, there are few things more invigorating than a Comms2point0 unconference.

I work at The Council Advertising Network where we love helping comms teams do more for less - we give you cold hard cash and run digital campaigns for 80% less than traditional channels. I wanted to hear what other organisations were doing to make budgets go further so…

How to buy digital advertising safely

In my last blog post I promised to give some more detail on how to buy digital media in a way that is safe for your brand.

There are two key risks for public sector when buying advertising through programmatic exchanges or on digital platforms:

  • Funding criminal sites
  • Placing ads in inappropriate contexts

The first risk is relatively…

The battle for ad spend and why we need to spend our money smartly

There are many ways to spend a comms and marketing budget. Programmatic advertising channels are increasingly the way to precisely target audiences but it’s had some negative press of late. Are there risks associated with it? Maybe not nearly as many as you might think…